Loan Origination Excellence 2018

Australia's longest running lender-focused conference

Optimising Your End-to-End Loan Origination Process through Automation and Digitisation to Empower Customer Experience

Traditionally, financial institutions competed largely on price, product and services provided, with customers being won through convenience and transparency. In recent years, lenders have placed greater emphasis on simplicity, accessibility, responsiveness and customer engagement.

With this in mind, the 13th Annual Loan Origination Excellence Conference will bring together leading industry experts that will address how to:

  • Focus on customer engagement and their journey to address their pain points, increase transparency and improve customer retention
  • Adopt automation and digitization in the application process to decrease approval time, costs and accommodate for regulatory changes
  • Achieve process excellence by streamlining the end to end process in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining the 'human element'

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Simply attend this 2-day conference and learn to:

Achieve a personalised and customer centric experience by leveraging customer insights and having an effective omni-channel and digital presence

Improve customer acquisition and retention through digital channels and new or improved processes you can take back to your organisation

Increase efficiency, streamline processes and reduce cost through digitisation, automation and process excellence

Manage change successfully by learning the tools needed to support your staff as they transition and adapt to automated operating environment

Join the leading experts in the nation and learn from the best in lending, banking, technology, customer experience and disruption now!


Why Should You Attend?

  • Discover how NAB have been using pathway analytics to understand changing customer behaviours and patterns
  • Learn how UBank implemented Australia's first Virtual Agent for home loan applications
  • Study how Bank of Queensland has developed a strong, robust digital platform with a constant reassessment approach


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