01 - 02 May, 2019 | Sydney, Australia

Chris Whitehead


9:30 AM Industry Update Banner: Preparing for the Next Generation of Loan Origination: From Tighter Regulations to Digital Disruption and its Effects on Lending

Given the rapid advancements of technology and changing perceptions of customer demands in the lending market, simplicity and integrity are the most valuable attributes in loan transactions. How can lending institutions leverage their relationship with regulators and digital trends to remain competitive and maximise the quality of their loan originations?

  • Raising professional standards to raise community trust and maintaining professional ethics in a digital world
  • Is lending a product to be industrialised, or a service to be customised?
  • Data transparency and implications of comprehensive credit reporting
  • Putting customers first: Why repayment of loans is as important as origination

10:00 AM Panel Discussion Banner: How to Overcome Legacy System Bottlenecks and Effectively Modernise Back-End Platforms

Given the increasing competition in the lending market, new technologies, and changing customer demands, traditional banks are forced to rethink their back-end operations – how will the IT team cope with all the manual work derived from new system changes at a speed that matches the business priorities?

  • Adding new layers of digital programs to core banking infrastructure to speed up back-end operations
  • Models to eliminate redundant applications – freeing up staff resources and reducing overhead costs
  • Digital transformation through hybrid systems of traditional and cloud computing to keep up with today’s customer demands and financial technologies


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