01 - 02 May, 2019 | Sydney, Australia

Emma Hounsell

Head of Leads & Specialised Programs

1:50 PM Case Study Banner: Enhancing Digital Loan Experiences By Connecting Property Providers, Finances and Customers onto A Unified Digital Platform

Emma led an experiment at NABLab to identity opportunities for enhancing the digital experience for new and existing customers. What customers valued was the ability to connect their property search with financing options and enabled NAB to provide this experience through their partnership with Realestate.com.

In this session, hear insights on:

  • Adoption of customer-centric approach to solve a genuine need in the loan market
  • Improving conversion rates with reduced dropout rates with information ready to access online
  • Increasing brand awareness to educate customers on readily available services
  • Balancing the provision of property financing with early property searches in order to continually engage customers in their loan journey

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Patrick.

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